Sample Menu

Daily Specials and Seasonal Menus on Request.
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Sample Entrees

All Dishes Served With Salad. Our prices vary from $10.50 to $18.95. Because we try to feature various islands in our menu, our entrees change frequently and are not limited to those presented on the website


Rice stir fried with fresh mixed vegetables and a myriad of spices to enhance your palate.

  • Chicken
  • Seafood
  • Ital (vegetarian)
  • Combo(seafood & chicken)

Ivan's Pork (over rice)

From St Vincent, well seasoned cubes of pork, in a brown sauce flavored with thyme, marjoram and other spices, named after papa Ivan. A true adventure! (Canouan)

Mustique Chicken or Shrimps & Conch

Spiced chicken/or shrimps and conch cooked in a delectable peanut sauce, served over rice. Peanuts lovers, don't hesitate!

Pepper Shrimp

Succulent shrimp marinated in the Breadfruit Tree's mild jerk marinade then sautéed in hot peppers and tomatoes, and served with Basmati rice. (Jamaica)


Roti, a flat bread that is filled with any of the items below. Roti is also stuffed with mild spiced curried potatoes and rice and peas. (Trinidad and Tobago)

  • Chicken
  • Seafood
  • Ital (vegetarian)
  • Combo(seafood & chicken)


Noodles, grilled peppers, zucchinis, onions in a delectable saffron sauce topped with peanuts. (St Vincent)

  • Chicken
  • Seafood
  • Ital (vegetarian)
  • Combo (seafood & chicken)

Jamaican Style Curry Goat

Old recipe from Jamaica, well spiced goat stewed in savory Blue Mountain curry sauce and served over rice. (jamaica)

Caribbean Style Oxtail

Delectable spicy stewed oxtail smothered in a delicious brown sauce (over rice).

Pigeon Peas and Chicken

Tender strips of chicken simmered with pigeon peas and spices, served with Basmati rice. (Barbados)

Jerk Chicken

Chicken marinated with a blend of herbs and spices, then cooked with a hot sauce made with scotch bonnet pepper and the Breadfruit Tree Jerk marinade (over rice).

Sweet Tooth

Chocolate Breadpudding

Unforgettable Caribbean style chocolate breadpudding topped with two sinful spoons of ice cream and a sprinkle of peanuts and nutmeg.

Rum Cake

Rum pound cake also served with ice cream and caramel sauce on top. It's delicious!